At Ignite Community School, we are dedicated to providing students with the core values they need to become successful citizens in life. Through our unique approach to teaching, we foster the development of important qualities such as integrity, resilience, and courage. Our emphasis on developing these values, along with a comprehensive academic education, allows students to build strong foundations for a successful future.

The Ignite Community School Model allows scholars to develop a sense of belonging, an understanding of self, and an awareness of their place in (and impact on) the world around them. Learning is non-negotiable, we can, we will, we must be successful. In order to ensure a student-centered approach to learning we stand on the following tenets: 

We Teach with Integrity because our principles don’t waver

Leading with integrity means making decisions based on principles, not convenience. It sets a positive example and ensures consistency, fairness, and trust in our relationships. Integrity is the foundation of all healthy, successful teams and organizations.

We Thrive with Resilience no matter what the challenge

Resilience is essential to success and happiness. It is important to develop skills and strength to be able to cope with the ups and downs of life and strive to overcome obstacles. Resilience encourages us to keep growing and take on life’s challenges with hope and determination.

We Lead with Courage because our children deserve it

Leading with courage is essential for inspiring positive change and empowering people to strive for greatness. It allows us to step out of our comfort zone, make tough decisions, and take risks. Courage leads us to new discoveries and greater successes, allowing us to unlock our true potential.

We Commit to Equity because it’s the right thing to do

Equity is an essential part of building a better world. It promotes inclusivity and fairness. Working together for equity leads to better outcomes for everyone, and creates a society where everyone can succeed.

We Foster Love for Learning and each other

Fostering love creates healthy, positive relationships and can help us lead more meaningful and joyful lives. Love allows us to build trust, respect, and understanding with those around us and it is the basis of all genuine connections. Therefore, it is imperative that we take the time to nurture and celebrate the love in our lives.

We Move with Intentional Urgency because our children can’t wait to learn

Intentional urgency keeps us motivated, focused and efficient while minimizing time wasted. It gives us the discipline to create an action plan, set and stick to deadlines, and prioritize tasks. In the end, intentional urgency is an important key to getting the most out of life.

We Read for Life

Reading is a fundamental skill that is crucial to leading a meaningful and successful life. It cultivates creativity, enhances problem-solving capabilities, increases vocabulary and strengthens communication. Reading enables us to become informed citizens, find enjoyment and appreciation of literature, and it can be a powerful tool to spark lifelong learning.